Using Place Value Cards with Base Ten Blocks

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Now that they can trade ones for tens on their own; It’s time for me to introduce the place value cards to help represent the value of the units and tens. The whole time that we have been trading units for tens, they have been hearing and are now using the words units/ones and ten rods/tens.

Using place Value card with base ten blocks.


  • Place Value Cards ( These Task Cards work as well for this activity)
  • Base Ten Blocks

We are only using the units and tens cards from the place value cards. I lay out the unit numbers making sure to say its name as I set it on the table in a vertical or horizontal line. I then line the tens cards next to the unit cards and make sure to name each one as I place it on the table. I proceed to place ten rods by each ten; I count the rods by tens for each card and the same for each unit card. 

Now with all the cards laid out and the blocks next to them, I am ready to clean it up. Once I have it all cleaned, I ask a friend if they would like to have a try. They each take turns, and as more students approach the table, they too take turns laying out the cards and the blocks to represent the cards. This activity takes us a day to get through with four sets of Place Value Cards and the starter kit of Base Ten Blocks. Some liked to do this exercise multiple times.

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These activity cards work well the Base Ten Blocks

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