Adding textures in Your Classroom

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One of the items that I get compliments on in the classroom is the textures that are found around the room. I don’t put much thought into it, I kind of just don’t like to waste. I find it easy to include textures in the classroom.

When a parent pays me a compliment on the presentation of the artwork and room Lets me think that it works. When a child can describe to me the kind of paper they are looking for in the scrap bin by touch, that tells me that it works. Introducing different textures of papers to the children is important. They are able to explore each texture and all the possibilities of it. This opens the world of art to them in another way that I haven’t seen much in classrooms.

Textured Classroom
Scrapbook paper adds some pizzaz to a shape collage.

Buy the texture

One of the easiest ways to incorporate texture into your classroom is by including scrapbook paper. It comes in a variety of weights, textures, colors, and designs. I get my scrapbook pads from Walmart and mostly Micheals. I use these to cut out pieces that we need for art projects, to create saying on the wall, headers for our bulletin boards, and more.

Textured Classroom
Cut and numbered some paint stamped artwork for a block activity.

Create the texture

Something else I do to add some texture to our room and our artwork is to include works that the children make. I have an open art bar in the room. So, the children can create all day, every day. They generate a lot of artwork that would be thrown out by the parents. So, instead of sending it all home, they sit it in a bin for me use. If you walk in the class, you may find their work cut into letters to make our reading station sign, alphabet walkway on the floor, and many other ways. Nothing is useless in our room, doing this helps the children to see that their work is useful. They enjoy seeing parts of their creations all over the room, and it helps them to take pride in what they create. Ther are always walking their parents into the room for them to show off how talented they are.

Textured Classroom
Cut leafs from some painted sheets of construction paper to create an alphabet walk into the classroom.

These are just a couple of ways that I bring texture to the classroom. I am always on the hunt for new ways to include, inspire, and teach my class.

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