Alphabet Hunt (Early Literacy Activity)

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This week we are working on the letter M, last week it was the letter C. I have kind of moved away from the letter of the week as I like to not wreck my brain trying to figure out what to do for that week where it all starts with that one letter. Something that I like to do is, I introduce all the letters that I am going to use that month throughout the month. It makes me not focus on just one letter, but lets me have a range to play with. This month I put an alphabet hunt/sorting activity in our literacy center.

Alphabet Hunt ( Early Literacy Activity)

This is work that the children can do on their own or with a friend as the month goes on. All the letters that we are going to touch on this month are in this one activity. Every week I either add another letter basket or switch out a letter basket. I am using two different letter tiles which also helps them to learn to recognize the letter in different fonts.

What I used

How I prepped this work.

This is a very simple setup that you can do in under five minutes. Let me start by saying that I work with a tray system somewhat like Montessori.

  1. Grab your tray that will hold all the materials for this activity
  2. Using both styles of letter tiles pull out only the letters that you would like o focus on this month and place them in the bowl
  3. From the Alphabet baskets, pull the same letters.
  4. Place all items on a tray or in a large basket
  5. Set this activity on a shelf in your literacy center.

How I introduce the activity.

I like to add the tray on a shelf in our literacy center. When they enter the room in the morning, it is something new that they haven’t seen. I allow them to explore the activity for the day and observe the many ways they play with it. Sometimes I get asked what it is and then I step in and show it to them, but if no one asks me, I address the tray the next day. This is when I show them the work that I had in mind for that tray. They usually try the work the way I showed it.

What would I like to differently next time around?

Next time I would like to have actual buckets for the letters. I would also like to find more tiles with a different typeface. I will give them more than one day to explore on their own. I will also add some previous letters that we went over from the month before or if we are just starting, their names.

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