Apple Picking Sensory Bin (Color Sorting)

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The theme of the month is Fall is Here and this week our theme was apples. Of course that meant that I had to change the sensory bin for the month. With Apples being the first theme for the month I opted for an apple picking sensory bin. It’s nothing fancy and I honestly messed it up, but the children loved it and they didn’t want me to change a thing about it.

Apple Picking Sensory Bin for sorting and fine motor development.

About the Sensory Bin

This bin contains two different fillers and I set it up for some fine motor development play and color sorting. I found this to be a great bin to help ease the children into the class in the morning. The different textures of the bin intrigued the children. It was a bin that I could easily add to or take something from to change it.

What’s in my Sensory Bin?

  • 16 qt bin
  • Dyed green rice
  • Dyed green beans
  • Pom poms (red, yellow, green)
  • Jumbo Tweezers
  • Squeezy Tweezers
  • Three small pinch bowls (Dollar tree white bowls, 3 for $1)
  • Three color circles to fit in the bottom of bowls (red, yellow, green)

How I put it together.

  • Add the rice and beans to the bin.
  • Add the pom poms on top
  • Tape one color circle to per pinch bowl
  • Add my tweezers

So when I started to dye the fillers I used gel food coloring. Problem is that when I dyed the beans I didn’t use anything to dilute the gel color, this made the beans sticky. The color does not come off, but they do stick to themselves, your hands, the poms, and the tweezers. The children seem to like this about them. I was going to scrap the whole bin, but the kids were against it and asked me to keep it this way.

How I observed the children playing with the sensory bin.

The children sorted the apples and I watched them sort the beans from the rice. They place pom poms in the small bowl, covered with a layer of the rice and bean mixture and called it apple pie. We had a minute to win it challenge where they had to fill the bowls with the most poms in a minute using the jumbo tweezers. This is a great end of the day game to play.

What would I do differently next time?

I would like to add trees to this that have the apples on them. (Do they sell these?) I would also like to add some small apples for sorting, counting and more. I can change this up to become a literacy bin for next time as well. Also, I will label this bin for print awareness.

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