Fall 0-10 Number Cards (Early Childhood Math)

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This month’s theme is Fall is Here, our sub-theme this week is Fall.

This week for maths we are exploring number recognition, number order, and 1:1 correspondence in early childhood math. To help with this I created some simple Fall 0-10 number cards. These are basic cards that I can use for more than one activity throughout the month and can be utilized to fit each child’s needs.

Fall 0-10 Number Cards

We used these cards during circle time, in games, I added another set to enhance a center, we just had fun with them. I sat these cards down last week and forgot where I left them. Once the kids started to roll in they were found, and they were enjoyed, I took them out the next day. They were happy to see them again this week.

What I used to help enhance the Fall 0-10 cards

  • Glass beads
  • Playdough
  • Erasers
  • leaves
  • Acorns

How I used the 0-10 Fall cards.

  1. Introduction and Circle time
    1. Before our circle time, I hide the cards around the room in places that I knew the children would gravitate to in the morning.
    2. During our circle time, I asked for the numbers they found. I called them out in order.
    3. At the end of our circle time, I accidentally dropped the cards and had my friends help me to put them in order from 0-10.
  2. Center Enhancement
    1. I placed them on a tray along with some green glass beads and switched out beads daily for a week. ( Erasers, acorns, and leaves.)
    2. I placed a set in the playdough tray on Friday.
  3. End of day games
    1. We played number hunt
    2. I have, who has. (Each person gets two cards to play this game.)
    3. What number is it?
    4. Go Fish

What did I observe with the center enhancements?

The children used counters to count, make the number themselves, and more. With one of the older students, she took two number cards, used the counters, added them together to find the sum of the two numbers. Someone placed a leaf next to each card, added the correct amount of beads to the leaf, then lifted the leaf to sit on top of the card. For playdough, I watched as they tried to make the little numbers with the dough, make playdoh leaves, used the playdoh as counters, and more. 

What would I do differently next time around?

I will make the numbers bigger on the cards, add more fall like counters for enhancements, create more games that encourage peer cooperation, provide dry erase markers for those who were trying to draw the numbers, and hold off on go fish till the end of the week.

If you would like a set of my Fall 0-10 Number Cards, click on the image.

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