Welcome to my little space on the internet. My name is Natasha and I am your local preschool teacher. Here you will find my preschool brain. (Activities, notes, theories, and more.)

I absolutely enjoy what I do ( I have to, cause we get paid less than peanuts.) I have a firm belief that the joy of learning is established during the early years, this is the time that we get to set that foundation. With play being the work of a child it is the best way to reach them and help build that passion.

I take a fun approach to learning, by inviting children to play fun skill-building activities, create one of a kind artwork, and more. Following the flow of the children is very important in this process. To be able to reach them you have to listen to them.

So with that being said. Snoop around and I hope that you find some useful information, tips, tricks, and activities

Thank you for visiting!.