I spy the Number (Fine Motor Math)

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The theme for the month was Ready for School and the Sub-Theme is Learning Together.

This week I decided to work on developing the children’s fine motor skills. To do this, I choose to use squiggly eye droppers. We have used them previously to just squirt and get familiar with them, and now we are using them for a little more precision.

This activity combines number recognition as well as some fine motor work. We used a tray to help contain the mess.



  1. I placed all the items on trays for the children.
  2. I sat one tray on the table, and we conversed about the previous fun that we had with the droppers and how we were going to be working with them again, but this time, we will be aiming our droppers at the numbers that I call out.
  3. I then put a tray in front of each child.
  4. I allowed them to get the tray set up in a way that best fits them.
  5. I placed my fall number cards upside down on the table
  6. I flipped the first card over and called out the number.
  7. Find the number on the paper and use the dropper to gather water and drop it on the said number.

What did I observe?

There was a lot of concentration from some of them. I was able to asses what numbers were recognized and who I needed to work with a little more. I also noticed who was still lacking control of the droppers. I have a few that are struggling with their grip and the hand strength (I need to find a solution for my non-playdoh friend). There were lots of giggles and screams of “I got that number!” The excitement amongst this group is real.

What can I do differently?

Next time I will make this more like Bingo, I will print the papers out to help with the recognition. I will also use smaller droppers for the children. I think that it can be interesting to let one of the students call the numbers out. (This can help with recognition). I want to find bigger trays for this activity. Also, I might be able to dust the paper in baking soda and add vinegar to the water for reactions to help hold some of their attention.

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