One to One Correspondence (Animal Number Flash Cards

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The Theme this month is Awesome Animals, the sub-theme for the week is All Kinds of Animals.

This month I made some basic animal cards from 0-10 to use with a few activities. One of the first activities that I chose for the children was a one to one correspondence using a ten frame. 

We play this as a game first to introduce the activity; then, I placed it on the math shelf for them to get better acquainted. By the end of the week, we play the game again; by then, everyone would have had time to play it and are ready to win a prize. 



  1. Hand a ten frame and ten counters to everyone
  2. Hold the number cards and pull them one at a time. Show the number and say the number for them. 
  3. They place the counters on their ten frames.

The children thought this was a fun game for them and piqued their interest in the activity. We played this game three times together on the first day. The first time we played was to introduce; the second round was cause now they know, the third round we saw how fast everyone was at identifying the numbers and placing the counters. Once on the shelf, they worked together and alone to get faster at this activity. 

Here is what I observed.

Once this activity was on the shelf, I watched as a friend (who had a hard time when I introduced the game) played it daily, getting better at it each day. I noticed those who could do this quickly, helping those who were having trouble. This activity was getting much interaction, and I could see lots of improvements as they played throughout the week.

End of week game time

We played this game again on Friday, and I noticed significant improvement amongst all the children. I was prompted to keep the game on the shelf, adding two pencils and some paper for those who can write. This game will be here all week, and I will try to add a new challenge to each week as I see improvements.

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