Pig Scrubbing and Washing (Practical Life)

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The theme this month is Fall is Here and the sub-theme this week is the farm.

This week I introduced an activity that I hope will segway into me allowing water to be always available to the children on their level. I’m all about them having their independence. and to make this possible we have to complete a few activities that will aid in this.

Pig Washing Practical life skills

I set up this fun washing and scrubbing activity to help with some practical life skills. My goal is to help with concentration, order and sequencing, and control of their movements.



  1. Place either real mud or homemade mud in one container (flour, water, and brown food coloring)
  2. Hide some pigs in the mud
  3. Stack the other two bins and sit them and the mud container on the work tray.
  4. Inside the top empty bin, I placed my towel, cup on top, brush, and dropper inside the cup.
Pig Washing and Scrubbing Practical Life Skills

Presenting the work

When I presented the work I did it about 10 minutes into our free play. I placed my tray on the table and set out all of the items but the mud bin on the table. I took my cup to our new water station and filled it with water. once there I poured the water from the cup into the first empty bin and let it drip until it was empty. I repeated the same steps for the second empty bin, I set the cup at the top of my work and proceded to find my pigs in the mud. Once I found a pig I held it up and let it drip until the last drip, transferred it to the wash bin and swished it around. I used the brush and dropper to help remove the mud from the pig. Once I felt it was clean I lifted it and let it drip until it was finished, moved it to the clean water and swished it around, lift it out the water, let it drip, place on the dry towel.

Once I was finished with this work. I pour all water into our dirt water bucket, placed the pigs back into the mud, dry the bins with the dry towel and place all items back on the tray. I use the sponge to clean up any water drips that may be left on the table. Once everything is cleaned up I pick up the tray and set it on its shelf in the practical life area

Pig Washing and Scrubbing Practical Life Skills

What I observed.

The children watched me closely as I performed this work at the table with them. Those that were in other areas of the room, gravitated my way. Once I was done with this work questions were asked. The first person who chose the work after I had a crowd around her and the collective corrected and helped guide her through the process. Everyone took a turn with this work and when someone was stumped by this work they would seek the person who they have seen do the work close to mimicking me.

They were careful of getting the water and care of disposing of the water as to not make any large splashes. They found the perfect mark of how much water it took to fill the water bowls. My new watering station is now a permanent fixture in our practical life area.

Pig Washing and Scrubbing Practical Life Skills

What would I do differently next time around?

I will label each bin for its’ specific use. I will mark each bin for the water level that I desire as well as mark the cup. I will like to include an absorbent work mat large enough for the work to be completed. For my oldest students, I will like to include some kind of writing to go along with this work.

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