Salt Names (Fine Motor Activity)

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The Theme for the week is Ready to Learn, with a sub-theme of Learning Together.

This week I will be focusing our time on developing fine motor skills. I planned on using only droppers for this week’s activities, as they help with muscle control. Day two, our activity focused on picking up and releasing liquid. Day three I wanted to focus on finding a smaller but defined target.

Salt Name Activity (Fine Motor)

This salt name activity takes some prep work, but the payoff on hand muscle control is worth it. I prepped this work the night before, if you are using gel food coloring then I would prep that as well.

Materials for prep:


I used gel food coloring so I prepped that as well. I used 3 cups per child
Squeeze some gel food coloring at the bottom of each cup.
Fill each cup with water and let sit overnight.

  1. Cut the paper into strips long and wide enough to fit a name.
  2. Use the glue to write a name on the strip.
  3. Pour the salt over the name to cover all the glue.
  4. Pour off excess salt and repeat for all names
  5. Let dry overnight.

Materials for activity:

  • Droppers
  • Colored water
  • Salt name sheets
  • Trays to contain the mess

How I presented the activity:

  1. I placed a salt name and a dropper in a tray, per student.
  2. We discussed yesterday’s activity and the current activity that was in front of them.
  3. I let them explore and work on the activity.
  4. I joined them and began to work on my name.

What I observed.

With no real direction, they were fine to just drop the colors on the paper with no real intentions, other than seeing the colors blend. Once I sat down and started to work on mines with them they began to observe me and mimic what they saw me doing. I also noticed that they were able to control the droppers better in how they directed them, and how much liquid they gathered.

What would I do differently?

I will try smaller droppers next time, create more than one name stip per student, create a sample activity first for them to reference and try and recreate.

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